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Nancy Pelosi is Right, and it Doesn't Matter

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Yes, the wall is immoral. That won’t motivate any swing voters in the election against Trump in 2020.

Today Pelosi told us this about Joe Biden: “I think it’s important for the vice president and others to understand, it isn’t what you intended, it’s how it was received …. so to say, ‘I’m sorry that you were offended’ is not an apology. ‘I’m sorry I invaded your space,’ but not ‘I’m sorry you were offended.’”

Next, she said he should join the “straight arm club” like her. (source)

Sideline: doesn’t it seem like us telling other people they should do what we do to solve their own problems is also a form of condescending, patronizing behavior? Maybe Joe Biden will die inside if he can’t hug anyone anymore. I don’t know what it is like to be Joe Biden.

If we are adults and someone makes us uncomfortable, yes, we should have conversations. Yes, if someone attacks us, or even attempts to hurt us, they should face penalties and consequences even jail depending on the offense. I totally agree.

Aside from prison level offenses, those of us who transgress should apologize for our transgressions and we can all move on.

Two women have said Joe Biden made them uncomfortable. Maybe that rightly disqualifies him. I don’t know.

I believe the women. I also wonder if anyone has every directly just said to him in the context of a constructive conversation, “Hey, that was uncomfortable. I didn’t like that.” Only Joe Biden would know if someone ever said that to him and if he decided to ignore them and keep doing this anyway. It doesn’t seem probable to me based on what he seems like as a public figure. I could be wrong. I really wish I worked for Joe Biden so that I could find out if anyone has ever told him directly. My advice to him on what he should do now would depend on the answer to when he realized this reality for other people. (Mr. Biden, text me before you call because I don’t usually answer my phone unless I know you.)

Here is what I honestly want to know:

Do we really believe we are going to get to live in a world with 7.7 billion other people and that we are entitled to never be made to feel uncomfortable at any point by anyone else?

Accepting the standard of “uncomfortable” as a defining category of offense is going to be a mighty high perfection threshold, y’all. If that’s the case, I have these problems:

  1. The list of people who have at some point for some reason made me uncomfortable is vast. I’ve been made to feel uncomfortable by men, by women, by poor people in third world countries, by rich people in first world countries, by waiters, by bouncers, by guys on the street, by people on subways, by people looking at me the wrong way at a toll booth, etc.

  2. I also recognize that I have made other people uncomfortable, whether I intended it or not. Sometimes I realized it later, sometimes I was directly informed later. I am sure there are people I don’t even know I made feel uncomfortable. I’m not running for President so I will never find out how many people could publish an opEd telling the rest of the world directly all about what an asshole they think I actually am. Probably would be more than 2 though.

  3. If you literally were born yesterday this zero discomfort threshold defiantly won't apply to you. If you are old enough to read these words and you have never made anyone else in life uncomfortable - congrats. But, frankly, if you said that to me, I would think you were full of shit and I'd find your claims on this point doubtful to be honest.

Want to make a list of things we should be thinking about whether Joe Biden is or is not running for President?

  1. Trump’s campaign shared its polling data with Russia. Can anyone explain how is that not collusion? (source)

  2. People engaged with Russian IRA’s social media content about 246 million times. (source). Indictments from Mueller against Russians, didn't change the fact that they installed our current president, thus, he's not legit.

  3. The electoral college makes this possible and it will not be dissolved anytime soon. Whoever the majority supports is irrelevant. When I went to school they told us the electoral college it almost never changes the popular vote results. That is not the case anymore.

  4. Trump is a fascist who has ripped kids out of the arms of their parents. There is really no telling what other damage he will do to both our country and the rest of the world if we give him another 6 years to operate. I get the sense that well, to a lot of voters, if he hurts immigrants, or immigrant kids, or murdered journalists that is immaterial because that’s not directly hurting them personally. They will be happy to wait and take some kind of action only if he literally hurts their own families. Fascists like Trump and Putin understand that by then it is too late.

  5. Liberals are worried about a kiss on the head while Brett Kavanaugh is on the supreme court for life and the current POTUS walked in on naked teenagers prepping for a beauty pageant. “Four women who competed in the 1997 Miss Teen USA beauty pageant said Donald Trump walked into the dressing room while contestants — some as young as 15 — were changing.” (source)

The liberal base better start aiming our circular firing squadron outward. You think Putin only riled up the Trump voters? No, he divided and conquered liberals too. Black against white, r vs d, USA vs California, California vs Texas, Sanders people vs Clinton people, the two parties are the same, etc. - this was all designed for one end result: the divided states of America.

If we can’t stop being right about what does not matter, we can cast 138 million votes and 138 million more, but less than 80,000 people split up in a few rural counties somewhere in America where cows and chickens outnumber voters are going to deliver Putin/Trump another miracle victory, and we can kiss America goodbye if that happens.


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