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The 8th Commandment Is Dead

In case we need reminding it says, "Thou shalt not bear false witness." My father was raised Catholic, today he texted me a long rant...

Two Mothers

From the start, my future stepmother told me, "I hate kids, I'm never having kids." I was a sensitive child. To me it was the same as...

It's Not About General Lee

Really, it is painful. It is personal. It hurts. It's not about a statue. It tears us apart. I can't talk to my father. Do you want to...

Zero Tolerance

It was almost bedtime, the kids saw me crying at my computer. My eight year old asked, “Momma, why are you crying?” It was a video of a...

Marie Kondo Socks

Ashley Albert, has still has her journals from the 80s and onward. We went to a magnet arts high school together in Miami, I think we...

2019 Jan 12

It's a Saturday Steve and I are going to our Palmdale house to paint and do more work. It's for sale. We bought it two years ago thinking...


Electric light, switch on, I want there to be you who sent this light. You, I never see. You, I hear out piercing your trill across the...

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